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This Privacy Policy aims to inform users about how their data is protected, collected, stored and used by the law firm Clark & ​​Picollo Advogados, respecting the limits set out in the Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (Lei n.º 13.709/18) - Brazilian GDPR.


When accessing the website, data such as time, country and device used are automatically collected and stored by Google Analytics, in order to establish visitor statistics, identify the visitor and analyze website traffic.

Cookies are nothing less than little archives saved in your browser used to improve the user experience, facilitating your navigation, remembering information about the visit on the page for future access. 

*For more information about Google Analytics cookies, consult the official Google page.

Are requested personal data, such as name, e-mail, phone number and others.

The purpose of processing this data refers to its use in the eventual provision of services to be performed or to fill any professional vacancies compatible with the candidate's profile in the office.

Its storage will be done both in the business account at the office, in the Videoask and Typeform applications, as well as eventually in our internal network and in the office cloud (Microsoft 365). These personal data will be stored until December of the year in which they were entered, after which they will be permanently deleted or anonymized in our database. 

*Note that Videoask, Typeform and Microsoft 365 have their own Privacy Policy. 

The customer when contracting a service, consents to the provision of personal data and documents of its own or the legal entity it represents, with the exclusive purpose of enabling the provision of the contracted service by the law firm, which will be stored in the Astrea software and in the office's internal cloud network (Microsoft 365) for the period necessary to achieve the purposes of the service provision, and, after the termination, your data will be anonymized.

*Note that Astrea and Microsoft 365 have their own Privacy Policy.

The processing of personal data, thus including its access and use, is authorized only to the professionals who are part of the Clark & ​​Picollo Advogados office, subject to a commitment to confidentiality, and its sharing with third parties is prohibited, except in cases of judicial determination or, still, when is required by its owner. 

We also inform you that our website may contain links to external websites to Clark & Picollo Advogados, which do not follow this Privacy Policy. 

A. Confirmation of the existence of treatment;  

B. Access to data;  

C. Correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data; 

D. Anonymization, blocking or elimination of unnecessary, excessive or processed data in violation of the Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (Lei n.º 13.709/2018) - Brazilian GDPR;  

E. Data portability to third parties upon express request, in accordance with the regulation of the national authority, observing the company's secrets; 

F. Deletion of personal data if they are no longer needed or if they are excessive for the purposes for which they were initially collected; 

G. Information on the public and private entities with which the controller made shared use of data;  

H. Information about the possibility of not providing consent and about the consequences of denial; 

I. Revocation of Consent. 

Our Privacy Policy may change at any time. Eventual updates will be posted here. 

Last update: 16/12/2021 

To exercise any of the rights or to clarify any doubts about this Privacy Policy, the data owner may contact the person in charge indicated below:  

In charge: Kayel Santos


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