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Clark & ​​Picollo Advogados operates in this area in a comprehensive manner, encompassing both the advisory area of family and succession planning (prenuptial agreements, stable union agreements, donations, wills, guardianship and so on) and the judicial one (divorce and union stable, socio-affective parenting, definition of custody of minors, alimony, rent arbitration, inventory, interdiction and so on).

We have an experienced team prepared to respond sensitively to the most important family issues.
  • Family planning (marriage, prenuptial and stable union pacts, donations, etc.);

  • Succession planning (wills and guardianship);

  • Recognition of socio-affective parenting;

  • Divorce;

  • Recognition and dissolution of stable union;

  • Definition of custody of minors;

  • Alimony;

  • Rent arbitration action; 

  • Inventory; 

  • interdiction. 

The sensitivity of family law and successions.

Acting in Family and Succession Law is not an easy task! It is necessary to have a sensitive look in order to grasp not only the legal aspects, but mainly the psychological aspects that are linked to each case.

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